Vian Esterhuizen

Iceland Landscape

I've been exploring the expression of creativity using technology since I was a child, when I coded my first website in the late 90s, which included obnoxious animated flaming text for titles. Little did I know this little site I so proudly talked about at show and tell would spark an over decade long career in web development later in my life.

Lately I've been craving a transition into more tangible work and I am currently exploring the intersection of digital and physical creations, currently focusing on web based mixed reality projects.


I'm in the middle of rebuilding this site but you can explore some of my recent projects.


Solar Sailer

Augmented reality experimental toy that let's you propel a spacecraft with the power of the Sun.

Try Solar Sailer

Find the Doughnut

An experimental psuedo multiplayer WebXR game

Play Find the Doughnut

Elm XR

Sharing a digital archived 125 year old Elm tree using augmented reality.

See the tree


Crypto Challenge

Challenge yourself to talk about crypto without using any of the bad words!

Take the challenge!


The code I've been sharing for anyone to use.

Judge some code